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  • School Information Sheet

  • The Cover Letter (one page)

    Please include a cover letter that explains why you seek a Rowland Fellowship and perhaps something about yourself that is not immediately evident in your resume.

  • The Written Proposal (3 pages)

    Text must be double spaced and no more than three single-sided pages using one-inch margins.
    The proposal should be organized in the following manner:

    • School Climate—Tell us something about the current climate of your school and the transformation efforts (or lack of) which are currently underway.
    • Project Description—What you hope to accomplish - the philosophical and practical underpinnings.
    • Benefits to the school—How your efforts would benefit the students and positively impact school climate.
    • Sabbatical Plans—How you envision your sabbatical time, particularly during the fall semester.
  • A Preliminary Budget

  • Three Letters of Support

    1. One from principal that supports you and demonstrates the principal's endorsement of your proposal. This is a critical element of the application.
    2. One from department chair or immediate supervisor
    3. One of your choosing
  • A Current Resume

  • Three copies of the application collated in the above sequence (without folders, covers or binding, other than paperclips) should be mailed to the address below and postmarked by December, 2015. Finalists will be asked to provide six additional copies of their proposal at the time of their interview.

The deadline for applying for 2016 Fellowships is December 31, 2015,
although applications received earlier are welcomed and appreciated.


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