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September: Application period opens
December: Applications due
January: Executive Director reviews all applications and interviews finalists
February: Rowland Fellows are announced and meet with the Executive Director
April: Selection Dinner and Reception - presentation of new Fellows
May: Two day retreat with all new Fellows and principals
July: Schools receive the initial $50,000 grant


September: Sabbaticals begin
October: Executive Director visits schools of new Fellows.
Retreat with Fellows and Steering Committees
January: Fellows return from sabbatical and meet with Executive Director; receive first of two $25,000 grants for their schools
February: Project implementation begins
April: Fellows attend reception to
  • Present sabbatical results and to share status of projects
  • Establish mentorships with next class of Fellows
  • May: Executive director visits schools to evaluate progress
    June: Final $25,000 grant made to schools

    Jeanie Phillips, 2014 Rowland Fellow
    "My confidence—professional and personal—has grown exponentially since receiving a Rowland Fellowship. I am more sure than ever that I have something valuable to contribute to my school, to the Vermont education scene, to my profession."

    Jeanie Phillips
    2014 Rowland Fellow
    Professional Development Coordinator
    The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

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