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Dates for this course will be posted in spring, 2016

Leading School Transformation
EDLP 380 Z5 (CRN: 61101)

"Schools don't need to reform—they need to transform."
The Element, Sir Ken Robinson

Social media and technology have changed the way we communicate, the way we work, and the way we learn. Of course, this has enormous implications for our schools in the coming years.

Leading School Transformation (EDLP 380) is a graduate-level course that brings together educators who are leading transformation efforts in Vermont schools. The course will build on the Rowland Foundation Transformation Conference at the University of Vermont through professional dialogue, personal refelection, and related readings. EDLP 380 will help participants develop school-based projects based on the latest research related to school transformation. Participants will keep a Transformation Journal and also share ideas in an online forum that includes the growing network of Rowland Foundation educators.

Participants will read The Big Picture by Dennis Littky and Drive by Daniel Pink and develop strategies to lead change at their schools.

Course learning goals include:
  • What is school transformation and why do we need it?
  • How can we lead transformation efforts at our schools?
  • What is the connection between creativity and motivation?
  • How will learning communities change in the coming years?
  • How do our schools measure up to their mission statements?
  • How does the Internet require us to rethink traditional approaches to curriculum?
  • What are the implications of learner identity for school design?
  • What are the leverage points for change in our schools?

Vermont Secondary School Teachers Summer School Participants at UVM

2012 Leading School Transformation Participants on the UVM Green
(from left to right) Troy Paradee (CVU), Carly Rivard (CVU), Tim Wile (SBHS), Kelly Becker (UVM), Sandy Alexander (MMU), Bill Eschholz (MMU), Bucky Brandt (MMU), Mike McRaith (EFHS/UVM)

Vermont Secondary School Teachers Summer School Participants at UVM

Leading School Transformation, Class of 2012
with visiting Chinese scholar Xu Jin and instructor Mike Martin


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