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Rowland Fellows - Where Are They Now?

While the majority of our Fellows remain in the classroom and continue to serve as teacher-leaders in their respective schools, some have taken new positions or moved into different ventures. They are:

Laszlo Bardos, 2016 Fellow, is now at the Emma Willard School in Troy

Jessica Barewicz, 2014 Fellow, is now Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Barre, Unified Union School District

Anne Bergeron is Interim Writing Center Director at The Sharon Academy

Jean Berthiaume, 2009 Fellow and Senior Rowland Associate, formerly a social studies teacher at Harwood Union High School, assistant principal at Harwood Union High School, and principal of Fayston Elementary School has been appointed Co-principal at Winooski Middle/High School.

Richard Boisseau, 2010 Fellow and formerly an administrator at St. Johnsbury Academy, has retired.

Alison Moncrief Bromage, 2012 Fellow and teacher/administrator at Vermont Adult Learning has moved to Connecticut with her family where she continues to work in a part-time capacity on her adult learning initiative in Vermont. She has published a book of poetry, Daughter, Daedalus, which won the 2016 T.S. Eliot Award

Kathy Cadwell, 2016 Fellow, Harkness Mentor, and educational consultant.

Lindsey Cox, 2017 Fellow, is a teacher at Winooski High School's Independent & Personalized Learning Lab (iLab). She also serves as the advisory coordinator.

Jason Cushner, 2013 Fellow and formerly Program Coordinator for Big Picture South Burlington is now living in Colorado and is a member of the local School Board.

Matt DeBlois, 2009 Fellow from Vergennes Union High School, assumed the role of Principal of Vergennes Elementary School in 2016.

Jessica DeCarolis, 2009 Fellow and former teacher at Fair Haven Union High School now works at the Vermont Agency of Education as Personalization and Flexible Pathways, Division Director.

Jason Finley, 2009 Fellow and former External Learning Coordinator at Otter Valley Union High School currently works at Randolph Technical Career Center as Cooperative Ed Coordinator.

Lisa Floyd, 2015 Fellow, is Director of Project Based Learning at Randolph Union High School

Gabe Hamilton, 2015 Fellow, formerly PBL Coach/coordinator at Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School, has accepted a new position as Director of Learning at Addison Northwest Supervisory District.

Andrew Jones, 2015 Fellow, is the Director of Curriculum & Innovation for the Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District.

Sarah Kiefer, 2009 Fellow and former School-Based Clinician at Fair Haven Union High School is now District School Psychologist at Windham Central Supervisory Union in 2016.

Jennifer Kravitz, 2012 Fellow and formerly a social studies teacher at Rutland High School and principal of Cornwall School is now principal at Mary Hogan School.

Kendra LaRoche, 2011 Fellow, formerly a humanities teacher at Burr and Burton Academy, begins as a Special Services Coordinator at Manchester Elementary/Middle School in July 2021.

Lori Lisai, 2015 Fellow, is a Vermont-based educational consultant and an independent consultant for Scout & Cellar Clean Crafted Wine.

Gabrielle Lumbra, 2015 Fellow, is the Principal of the Flexible Pathways Academy for Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union.

Mike Martin, 2009 Fellow and Senior Rowland Associate, former teacher at Champlain Valley Union High School, is now the Director of Learning for the South Burlington School District.

Colin McKaig, 2013 Fellow, formerly an English Teacher at Black River High School for 25 years, now serves as Technology Integration Specialist for the Springfield School District.

Bianca McKeen, 2016 Fellow, has served as a science teacher at Rutland High School and principal at Barstow Memorial School. She is now an Associate Principal at Rutland High School with a focus on teaching and learning.

Mike McRaith, 2013 Fellow, formerly a Guidance Counselor at Enosburg Falls High School, principal of Enosburg Falls Middle School and principal of Montpelier High School is now Assistant Executive Director of the Vermont Principals' Association.

Laura Mina, 2012 Fellow and librarian at Mt. Abraham Union High School has relocated to Charleston, SC, where she is head librarian at the Charleston Library Society.

Sandra Mings-Lamar, 2016 Fellow, is now the Director of Adult Education for Saint Johnsbury Academy. She was also elected to be the newest trustee of the Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System Board.

Gretchen Muller, 2017 Fellow, was formerly at Burlington High School, and then principal at Stowe High School. In the school year, 2021-2022, will be the new principal at Camels Hump Middle School.

Lauren Parren, 2012 Fellow and the Foundation's Associate for Social Media, was formerly the technology specialist at Mt. Abraham Union High School and Technology Integrationist at South Burlington High School.

Jeanie Phillips, 2014 RoGretchen Muller, 2017 Rowland Fellow, was formerly at Burlington High School, and then principal at Stowe High School. In the school year, 2021-2022, will be the new principal at Camels Hump Middle School.wland Fellow, formerly at Green Mountain Union High School, now works with The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, UVM, as a Professional Development Coordinator.

Jill Prado, 2012 Fellow, is now Global Leadership Program Director at Essex High School.

Adam Rosenberg, 2010 Fellow, teacher and school improvement coach at Rutland High School, served for three years as principal at Proctor High School was Director of Curriculum & Instruction for Rutland Central Supervisory Union and in 2019 has been appointed to superintendent of Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union.

Michael Ruppel, 2017 Fellow, formerly Instructional Coach and has been appointed assistant principal at Springfield High School.

Caitlin Steele, 2009 Fellow, formerly at Otter Valley Union High School, is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Addison Central Supervisory Union. She has been appointed to The Rowland Foundation Board of Trustees.

Sabrina Westdijk, 2017 Fellow, is Principal of Edmunds Middle School in Burlington.

Mary Whalen, 2010 Fellow, social studies teacher at Twinfield Union School, previously Director of UP for Learning, is now teaching at Windsor High School.

Jennifer Wigmore, 2016 Fellow, has been appointed associate principal, at Rutland High School.

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