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Vermont educators and Rowland Fellows (left to right) Lissa Knauss of Montpelier High School, Carrie Felice of Peoples Academy, Sarah Ibson of Harwood Union Middle School, and Anne Bergeron of The Sharon Academy

The purpose of the Rowland Encore Grant (REG) is to provide an in-depth shared leadership opportunity to a team of 4-5 Fellows each year to advance the work and mission of The Rowland Foundation. A Rowland Encore Grant team is a group of Rowland Fellows who have a serious commitment to a clearly identified, common project and collaborate across their various school communities. Each REG team convenes for a full week at a site of their choosing for in-depth writing, planning, or design work.

In contrast to Rowland Fellowship awards, work supported by the REG must have a regional or statewide focus and include veteran Rowland Fellows from across several school districts and/or educational organizations. The primary focus of REG work is to provide specific support for public school educators by developing and disseminating school improvement strategies, offering new professional learning opportunities, or by articulating educational policy priorities that can accelerate public school transformation in line with the Rowland Foundation's mission.

The 2022 Rowland Encore Grant Team has just published a resource for teachers called Digital Wellness: Building a Healthy Relationship with Technology.

Readers can read the related press release here.

Readers can access the new resource guide here.

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