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The 2023 Cohort of Rowland Fellows

2023 Fellows
Our 2023 Rowland Fellows, left to right: Jessica Kessler, Christopher Sheehan, Carrie Gilman, Elizabeth Placencia, Adam Murray, and Lindsay McQueen.

Carrie Gilman, Northfield Middle High School

"create a youth panel to ensure student voice in inclusive and equitable response to harm, working in tandem with current discipline procedures"

Jessica Kessler, Green Mountain Union High School

"researching and implementing a schoolwide mental health literacy program"

Adam Murray, Essex High School

"interview a large number of my school's most disengaged and disenfranchised students about what they want school to be...form a student/faculty design team to propose changes to our school and teaching based on the interview data"

Elizabeth Placencia, Middlebury Union Middle School

"create a mentoring program...that fully supports and sustains new teaching staff"

Christopher Sheehan, Twinfield Union School

"create a program at Twinfield that will help foster increased participation in our democracy by all Twinfield students"

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