The Rowland Foundation

2017 Rowland Fellow
Gretchen Muller, Burlington High School

Community-Based Learning

Burlington High School is part of the most diverse school district in Vermont. The high school’s philosophy around student learning is that the world is rapidly changing and we need to continue to remodel education and provide a more customized experience for all students. With this in mind and considering the criteria set forth in Act 77, my project plan is to create a community partnership learning program by tapping into the plethora of resources that are in our own backyard. This program will provide all Burlington High School students with real-world learning opportunities to discover or reaffirm interests while earning credit. This program will allow students to engage in meaningful community service learning projects, focused educational experiences such as internships, research projects, work-based learning, develop potential career opportunities and gain technical ‘new world’ skills. By transitioning to a community partnership learning requirement, all students, particularly those that are underserved and may be at the greatest risk of not completing high school, will be given a supported opportunity to explore personalized learning options outside the walls of BHS.

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