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4 Filters for Digital Wellness

Graphic of the white paper: Digital Wellness, Building a Healthy Relationship with Technology

The Rowland Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of Digital Wellness: Building a Healthy Relationship with Technology, authored by our 2022 Rowland Encore Grant Team: Anne Bergeron (RF11), Carrie Felice (RF13), Sarah Ibson (RF13) & Lissa Knauss (RF18). We are proud of our Rowland Fellow authors’ approach, which is pragmatic and positive instead of […]

The Power of a Post


At some point, while consumed with pursuing a career in education, developing roots in the Rutland community, and locating the best trails to run on with my dog, I slipped unknowingly into middle age. I can no longer play the new teacher card at school, nor am I identified as part of the young couples […]

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